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Xtreme Reads Guidelines

Xtreme Reads is an additional reading challenge option for motivated readers entering grades 3 through 6; May 22 through July 26.

Step 1:
Go to the Beanstack Website for access to the Xtreme Summer Reading Program.
-If you've participated in an online reading program with O'Neal Library before then you already have a Beanstack account. Use your username and password to log in. If you don’t remember your information follow the links to reset your password OR get in touch with Ms. Morgan at for help.
-If you’ve never participated in summer reading at the O’Neal Library then create a new account.

Step 2:
Select the Challenges tab or click on the O'Neal Library logo in the upper left corner. 
Find the "2022 Xtreme Summer Reading" and click on "Register for this Challenge." 

Step 3:
Read a book that fits a badge listed below. On the Activity Badge page enter your book’s information (title, author, and number of pages) AND the required response. The Activity Badge icon should change from gray to full color and appear under the “Earned Badges” tab.

***Books must be 100+ pages.*** 

***Read a different book for each challenge***

***Challenges can be completed in any order.***

Each time you complete a challenge, you will be entered into 2 drawings: a weekly gift card drawing AND the end-of-summer drawing to win one of our grand prizes (one iPad Mini and other prizes). Grand prize winners will be announced July 28th.

More Prizes!
For every 5 challenges you complete you win 1 book from the book room, up to 8 books.

Download the Xtreme Reads handout in pdf format.

Head over to our book recommendations page

and scroll to find titles for almost every book badge!

Challenge Details:

Badges Read Post on your Activity Badge
#1 Summer In honor of the summer reading theme, read a book whose title starts with one of the letters in the word OCEANS. Post five words that describe the book.
#2 Notable Read a book that has been on the ALA Notable Children's Book List in the last 3 years. Click here for a list of suggested titles. Do you think this book deserves to be considered "Notable?' Why or why not?
#3 Movies Read a book with a movie or TV tie-in. Click here for a list of suggested titles. Which was better, the book or the movie/TV show?
#4 Sports The World Games are coming to Birmingham this summer. Read a sports book. Click here for a list of suggested titles. Write a review.
#5 Traveling Read a book set in a different country. Click here for a list of suggested titles. Post which country the book took place in and if you’d ever want to visit there.
#6 Surprises A different genre will be posted each week on the Xtreme page. Read a book in one of these genres.
Week 8: Free Choice
Post what genre you read. Did you like those kinds of books?
#7 Something's Cooking Read a cookbook and make one of the recipes.
(The cookbook can be less than 100 pages.)
Post what you made. Was it delicious?
#8 Birthdays Read a book published the year you were born.
Book Lists:  2010  2011  2012  2013  2014  2015
Write the year and a review.
#9 Let’s Get Real Read a biography.

Write three things you learned from the book.

#10 Homework Read a book from your school's summer reading list.

Write a review.

#11 Friendship Read a book recommended by a friend.

Post who recommended the book and if you liked it.

#12 Alliteration Read a book by someone whose last name begins with the same letter as your last name. (Ex: John Smith would read a book by an author whose last name starts with S.)

Your first and last initials and the author's first and last name.

#13 Start at the Beginning Read the first book in a new-to-you series.

Will you read the next book?

#14 The Present Read a book published in 2022.

Post five words that describe the book.

#15 Sci-Fi 2022 is the 45th anniversary of Star Wars. Read a science fiction book. Click here for a list of suggested titles.

Write a review.

#16 Librarians Read a book suggested by an O'Neal Librarian.

Did you enjoy the suggestion?

#17 Classics Check out our new Classics shelves and read a book considered to be a classic.

What recently published book do you think will be considered a classic in 100 years?

18. Graphic Novel Read a graphic novel

Post five words that describe the book.


You can use a camera phone to make your videos. Send your video or picture to the email address
Include your name and the book's title, author, and number of pages in the email. 
Once your email has been received you'll be sent a code word to enter on your Xtreme Reads page to receive credit.

#19 Book Talk

Submit a video commercial for a book of your choice (not a book you used for a previous challenge).
Feel free to get creative!

#20 Science

Read a science experiment book. Find an experiment you would like to learn, then take a video of yourself doing the experiment.  (This book can be less than 100 pages.)